JLab Epic Air ANC Not Charging – 6 Steps You Should Try

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Experiencing JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds not charging issue can be a frustrating experience.

A reliable power source is essential for uninterrupted use, and when faced with charging issues, it’s important to methodically troubleshoot the problem. 

This guide delves into these troubleshooting techniques, offering a comprehensive approach to tackle the challenge of non-charging JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds.


Resolve JLab Epic Air ANC Not Charging in 6 Steps

Now, let’s explore a straightforward approach to address the problem. Just follow the six simple steps below to resolve the issue and make sure your JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds stay powered up.

Let’s get started!

JLab Epic Air ANC Not Charging - Infographic

1. Verify the Power Connection

Before proceeding with troubleshooting, confirm that your JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds are connected to a functional power source.

Follow these steps to ensure a proper power connection:

  1. Begin by checking the secure attachment of the charging cable to both the JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds and the power source.
  2. Validate the functionality of the power outlet or USB port you are using.
  3. You can do this by using a multimeter to measure the voltage of the power outlet.
  4. You can also connect a different device to the outlet or USB port to ensure that it’s working as expected.

However, it’s important to keep in mind for charging your earbuds you’ll require the appropriate adapter. Using a 5V and 1A adapter is crucial for proper functionality.

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2. Inspect the Charging Cable

Next, take a look at the cable itself and see if there are any clear signs of damage, such as wires that are frayed or connectors that look bent. If the cable looks worn out, it might not let electricity flow properly.

After you’ve checked the cable, make sure you plug it firmly into a USB port that you know works. This could be a USB port on your computer, a charger plugged into the wall, or a power bank.

A connection that’s loose or not working well can stop the charging process from happening. To make sure it’s not a problem with the port itself, you could try using a different USB port.

3. Inspect Charging Contacts

Charging contacts are small metal points that facilitate the transfer of power from the case to the earbuds during the charging process.

Take a moment to examine the charging contacts on both your Epic Air ANC earbuds and the charging case. As you use the earbuds regularly or expose them to different surroundings, they can collect dust, dirt, or other particles on their charging contacts.

These things can create a kind of blockage between the metal points and make it harder for the electricity to move smoothly.

To clean them effectively, utilize a soft cloth or a cotton swab slightly dampened with rubbing alcohol. This ensures that the flow of power between the earbuds and the charging case is unimpeded, allowing for proper charging functionality.

A red arrow pointing towards the charging contacts of a JLab earbuds



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4. Attempt Wireless Charging

You can also attempt wireless charging using a compatible charging pad as an additional troubleshooting step. This involves placing your JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds on the charging pad and ensuring proper alignment.

Wireless charging can sometimes provide an alternative method to overcome charging issues.

However, if wireless charging does not resolve the non-charging problem with your JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds, it suggests that the issue might be with the earbuds themselves, not the charging equipment, In such cases follow the remaining steps listed below.

A person holding Jlab earbuds placed on a flate grey surfece while wireless charger is placed along side

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5. Resetting the JLab Epic Air ANC

If the issue continues even when using a wireless pad, the issue could potentially be tied to the earbuds themselves.
In such cases, it’s worth considering a reset of the earbuds. A reset can often resolve minor connectivity or charging anomalies by restoring the earbuds to their default settings.

Here are the steps on how to reset your JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds if they are not charging:

  1. Place both earbuds in the charging case.
  2. Forget the earbuds from your Bluetooth device settings.
  3. Quickly tap the touch sensor on one earbud seven times.
  4. The LED indicator will flash blue four times and then turn off.
  5. Repeat step 3 on the other earbud.
  6. Remove the earbuds from the charging case.
  7. Wait for one earbud to blink blue and white and the other to turn solid white.

6. Update Firmware

After performing a reset on your JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds, consider updating their firmware as the next step. JLab releases firmware updates for the Epic Air ANC earbuds periodically to improve performance, and connectivity, fix bugs, and add new features.

Here are the steps on how to update the firmware of your JLab Epic Air ANC earbuds:

  1. Download and install the JLab Air ANC app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and connect your earbuds to your phone or tablet.
  3. Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Tap Firmware Update.
  5. If an update is available, the app will download and install it automatically.

The firmware update process may take a few minutes to complete. Once the update is complete, your earbuds will restart.

If the issue continues even after trying all the troubleshooting steps, don’t hesitate to contact JLab Support for assistance. They are here to help you resolve any problems you may be facing.

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1. How Long Does It Take for the Jlab Epic Air ANC to Fully Charge?

It typically takes around two hours for the JLab Epic Air ANC to fully charge. Make sure you connect the charging cable properly and wait patiently for it to complete.

2. Is It Possible to Charge the Jlab Epic Air ANC Using a Power Bank?

Yes, it is possible to charge the JLab Epic Air ANC using a power bank.

3. Can a Firmware Update Solve My Earbuds’ Charging Problems?

It’s possible, as firmware updates can address software-related issues. Check the manufacturer’s website for available updates.

4. Can Normal Wear and Tear Affect My Earbuds’ Charging Capabilities Over Time?

Yes, as components age, wear and tear can lead to degraded performance, including charging problems.

5. What to Do If JLab Headphones Won’t Charge?

Check cable for damage, try different power sources, reset firmware, ensure moderate temperature for charging, consult manual, or contact support if the issue persists.

6. How to Get My JLab Earbuds to Charge?

Inspect cable, connect to a working power source, update app if applicable, ensure proper placement in case, monitor LED indicators, troubleshoot with different cable or source if not charging.

7. How to Know If JLab Is Charging?

Observe LED changes or flashing, watch for battery icon or animation on the device screen, check the app if available, and allow a few moments for a response after connecting to power.

8. Why Are My Earbuds Not Charging?

Potential cable damage, faulty power sources, software glitches, and extreme temperatures can cause non-charging issues.

Check cable and power source, try reset or firmware update, ensure correct placement, verify LED indicators, and seek further assistance if needed.

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